Designer Landscapes

Designer Landscapes is a Winnipeg-based company that provides residential + commercial landscaping services. For 20 years, the business operated with a basic logo created in Paint by a former employee, and without a website or online presence of any sort.  The owner had been hesitant about investing in a professional website and branding because he wasn't sure he would ever see a return on it. I agreed to work for him on a commission basis and got to work on a brand re-design, web design + development + a local SEO/marketing strategy. It's now been a year since his website first went live, and he's experienced an increase in business so large that he's actually had to expand his team in order to take on more work. 

Here's a look at their new branding: 



I recently spoke with Roger about his overall experience, initial expectations and project outcome and here's what he had to say: 


"I knew I needed a website. For years, the idea was at the forefront of my mind. I would look at my competitor's websites and feel frustrated and angry because my work was better than theirs, yet they were getting large scale projects that I wanted. I've met with several web and graphic designers over the years and was quoted prices that were always $5000 and up. When you're running a small service-based business, it's really difficult to anticipate the pay-off of such a large investment. When I spoke with Ashley about my needs, she agreed to work on a commission basis, earning a finder's fee for every new client I attain through my website. I loved her flexibility and enthusiasm, so I signed on and anxiously awaited the result.

I was extremely happy with her first design concepts and knew I made the right choice.


Landscaping companies don't typically put a lot of thought or time into their logo, and mine looked fantastic. Even though I opened up my business in 1996, I finally felt like my company looked professional. Over the course of a month, Ashley finished designing my website, new business cards, a few internal contracts + more and I'm so proud of the result. When we started this process, I had no web presence and now I'm on the first page of Yelp for my business - and PAGE TWO OF GOOGLE! It took some time to see a return on her search engine efforts, but I'm so excited at the progress we've made already and am eager to see what comes next.

Hiring Ashley was the best decision I've made for my business in years."     


- Roger B., Owner and Operator of Designer Landscapes in Winnipeg, MB, Canada






Head on over to Designer Landscapes to view their new site and branding in action.